The Cannery at South Penobscot sits in Wabanaki territory. Located just off of the Meniwoken tidal flats we straddle a stream, in the spring alive with alewives and all those it feeds as it flows into the bay. We honor the living history of the Wabanaki people, recognize that this land we stand on was stolen from them when colonization came to these shores, and that forms of colonization, subjugation and appropriation continues to this day. For more information on the Maine Wabanaki REACH

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The Cannery at South Penobscot, located just off of a quintessential Maine coast tidal inlet and housed in a former canning factory straddling the Winslow Stream, presents contemporary experimental art with a focus on sound, music, performance, and the word.
Our mission is to encourage exchanges with local and global communities and to explore the continua of the arts, sciences, crafts, philosophy, technology and earth practices.
There are performance spaces, a large library and reading room, a 400 sq. ft. garden, a greenhouse and hen-house, a bassoon-making workshop and studio, and several thousand square feet of studio, workshop and raw space.
We present concerts, performances and readings, and exhibit sound installations —now on an ongoing basis from May through October— in multiple spaces of the building.
We welcome residencies! Whether for a few days or for several weeks, we can accommodate individuals or small groups with housing and work space and encourage that the stay culminate in a performance, or an installation, or a reading, or a presentation of some kind which we are always excited to host. Please inquire for more information.

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